Hey there! We’re so glad you’re here. Allow us to introduce ourselves? We’re Lindsey and Katie: the gals behind Kinship Collective. We’re sisters living in sunny Florida. We started this blog as a way to merge our interests and flex some creative muscle – or in Lindsey’s case, some actual muscle! Our faith informs our everyday living, so through that lens we write about family, fitness, travel, food – you name it! Whatever it is you’re interested in, we hope you’ll find some inspiration and encouragement here.

Lindsey is wife to Chris, homeschooling mom of 3, fitness enthusiast, and beach lover. She’s a foodie on a never ending quest to find healthy alternatives for her favorite foods. She believes in a balanced approach to healthy eating; small, sustainable changes over time to create a lifestyle that’s enjoyable – and one that includes some ice cream every now and then! She has a passion for music and on most Sundays can be found helping lead worship at her church in North Florida.

Katie is wife to BJ and (fur)mom to Brinkley, their 100-lb. black lab. She’s a bit of an old soul and feels most alive when she’s traveling and exploring new spaces. She’s a wanna-be gardener and lover of organization and design. Professionally, she’s spent a lot of time behind a computer doing brand development, marketing communications, and most recently (and randomly), securities trading! After her husband completed seminary in 2016, she left her corporate career behind to pursue ministry full-time. They now serve together at their church in central Florida.

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Lindsey & Katie